Motion Control

Motion control cinematography is using motorised, computer controlled rigs to move the camera during shots.

Time and Motion Films’ main use of this technique is when shooting timelapses.  By adding in very slow camera moves, over the duration of the timelapse, the end result is a timelapse where the camera appears to be moving in real time, whilst the action around is unfolding at speed.

The same equipment can also be used in real time filming, to create perfectly reproducible camera moves.  It can even be used to composite real time and timelapse shots together for special effects shots.

This will be a video of Motion Control usage. We’re not being lazy, we’ve just been too busy…


Kessler Cinedrive

A multi axis camera motion control system, giving digitally precise camera movements, which can be key framed and repeated with accuracy.

The Cinedrive can take much heavier camera loads, meaning it is perfect for real time, reproducible camera moves, composite shots and special effects.


Kessler Second Shooter

A more compact, multi-axis system than the Cinedrive, the Second Shooter is our go to setup for filming timelapses in remote areas.  Easy to transport, yet sturdy enough for timelapsing in the toughest of conditions.

The Second Shooter can also be employed as an “extra camera operator”, providing looping camera moves, especially useful for interview setups.


Syrp Slingshot

The newest of our systems, the Slingshot allows us to do timelapse moves that we previously never thought possible.

Based upon a wirecam system, the Slingshot can run over 100m, and can make the camera appear to be gliding effortlessly over rivers and ravines.

Motion Control Portfolio